The integration of digital technologies into human life could not bypass the financial industry, since in many aspects any citizen today is a consumer. The popularity of contactless payments has grown not only due to the very appearance of this function, but also the development of the Internet and even such negative crisis situations as the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, participants in market relations have fully mastered the virtual space, which allows you to exchange finances completely without cash. That is why the consumer may need such a profitable and convenient financial instrument as a prepaid card. In this article, Swiftoo experts explained in detail: what is a prepaid card and what is it for?

Free prepaid card: its main aspects that everyone should know

Bank cards have been known to mankind since the last century, but the development of the digital industry has made it possible to talk about new tools, such as a prepaid card online. Most likely you will not be surprised by the fact that they have recently appeared on the market relative to their predecessors, but have already managed to win a decent audience in terms of quantity. This is due to their wide functionality, level of security, and of course convenience and practicality.

A Mastercard prepaid card is a card that is not linked to its holder’s main bank account, and may contain a certain amount without an overdraft portion. This account can receive both personal funds of the owner and payments made by a third party. In the latter case, we are talking about crediting wages, bonuses, benefits and other payments to the card. The main function of a prepaid card is to pay for any goods and services, as is the case with other cards (credit, debit).

This suggests the conclusion that these are convenient payment instruments that allow you to seamlessly implement purchases both in virtual and real space.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all financial instruments, prepaid cards have pros and cons. The advantages should include:

  • often, issuing a prepaid card (prepaid card processing) does not require the provision of passport data, only a phone number and email address are needed;
  • the card is easy to use and can be a safe financial device in the hands of even young citizens;
  • the client will never go into negative territory, since there is no credit share on the card;
  • complete confidentiality of financial transactions;
  • quick receipt;
  • the ability to use literally in all stores where there is a POS-terminal, as well as to pay for various services in restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, hotels, fitness centers and other public places;
  • the ability to manage the card using Internet banking and make money transfers, also abroad;
  • anti-theft protection – virtual funds are extremely difficult to steal, in addition, if the card is lost, it is easy to block and subsequently reissue it;
  • convenient way to replenish: through the terminal, transfer from another account, by phone number, etc.

Among the shortcomings, it is possible to single out a limited limit on cash withdrawals and a lack of lending, but for the most part these are subjective cases. It is on the basis of these “minuses” that some consumers choose prepaid cards, for example, for a family account or receiving wages.

How do I order a Mastercard prepaid card?

The specialists of our service sought to optimize the process of obtaining cards, so the algorithm of actions is extremely simple and understandable to everyone. Our official website is designed with an ergonomic and clear interface, so everyone can find everything they are looking for here. At the same time, in order to order a prepaid card online

you need to register on the site and go through verification – this will definitely not take much time. At the same time, if you have any questions, you can always ask them to our competent manager by telephone or e-mail – we answer quickly and efficiently.

Do not worry also about the fact that such “plastic” will somehow limit your spending. Rather, on the contrary, thanks to Internet banking and a card limit, you can optimize expenses, as well as analyze them to identify “weaknesses”. By providing such a card to a child, you will stop worrying about school hooligans or the fact that the child was left without pocket money, or lost it.

Apply for a Swiftoo card right now and experience all the variety and unlimitedness of cashless payments today!

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What is a prepaid card?

It’s used in the same way as a debit card but loaded to a predefined amount and can be reloaded as and when required.
The prepaid card works just like any other bank debit card...

Does it have a credit limit?

No, it’s not a credit card and carries no credit limit. Simply spend what you have!

I need help!

If you have questions related to your card call the customer services team on 0330 135 5850 or Email

Is the card safe and secure to use?

As with all credit and debit cards we use, every precaution needs to be taken to keep the card safe and your PIN secure. Please refer to the cardholder terms and conditions. The prepaid card aims to reduce the need to carry or hold large amounts of cash.

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